Partnership Grant Projects

Texas GEAR UP State Grant

Fiscal Agent: Texas Education Agency (TEA)
Support Center: The University of Texas at Austin’s Institute for Public School Initiatives (IPSI)
Austin, Texas

Through a collaboration of TEA, the Texas GEAR UP Support Center at IPSI, AMS Pictures, The College Board, TG, and Texas STEM Centers, the Texas GEAR UP State Grant delivers two strands of service: a targeted district initiative and a statewide college-access/college-readiness initiative.

The district initiative serves four unique high-need districts from different regions of the state, which collectively represent the diverse education landscape in Texas. Using multiple proven and innovative strategies, the district initiative aims to build a systemic and sustainable college-going culture that engages and empowers students, families, campuses, districts, and communities.   

The statewide initiative provides robust multimedia resources, professional development opportunities, educator collaboration platforms, and programmatic technical assistance. Resources are developed and deployed with a goal of building college awareness, readiness, and success capacity in all students, families, and educators throughout the state.

Program Highlights

  • Four participating districts deliver the program with guidance and resources from the Texas GEAR UP Support Center. The Support Center provides direct assistance to help participating districts build program awareness, engage the district community, develop sustainable financial support, implement evidence-based strategies, and use data to track progress toward goals over time. 

  • Each participating district establishes a local GEAR UP Advisory Board. The board members represent local businesses, community-based organizations, government, neighborhoods, and families. Advisory Boards work to guide the local implementation of GEAR UP and bring sustainable resources to the college access and success effort.

  • The state grant organizes the annual GEAR UP State Conference—creating opportunities for GEAR UP staff, teachers, counselors, administrators, businesses, and community partners to learn together about proven practices and program innovations related to national GEAR UP goals. 

  • The state grant convenes and supports the Texas GEAR UP Coalition, a membership group comprised of representatives from all GEAR UP grant recipients in the state. The Coalition serves as a voice of the Texas GEAR UP community to strategize, collaborate, and innovate around shared college access and success goals.

  • The statewide student, family, and educator-focused resources are developed through broad Texas GEAR UP stakeholder collaboration to ensure incorporation of research-based promising practices, formative data from implementation, field-tested tools from college access programs, and storytelling from those on the front lines of college access and success work in Texas.
  • Years of Grant: 2012-2019
  • ESC Region(s): Region 13, Region 17 and Region 20
  • Students Served: 1,965


Texas Education Agency

1701 N. Congress
Austin, TX 78701

Program Leadership


  • Brentwood Middle School

    Edgewood ISD (Bexar County)

  • ET Wrenn Middle School

    Edgewood ISD (Bexar County)

  • Gus Garcia Middle School

    Edgewood ISD (Bexar County)

  • Kennedy High School

    Edgewood ISD (Bexar County)

  • Memorial High School

    Edgewood ISD (Bexar County)

  • Dunbar Middle School

    Lubbock ISD

  • Estacado High School

    Lubbock ISD

  • Decker Middle School

    Manor ISD

  • Manor High School

    Manor ISD

  • Manor Middle School

    Manor ISD

  • Somerset High School

    Somerset ISD

  • Somerset Junior High

    Somerset ISD

  • Manor New Tech

    Manor ISD

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