Debt vs. Dream School

Scholarships and grants are great, aren't they? They let knowledge-hungry, cash-strapped kiddos into opportunities that might have otherwise been completely out of reach—and that's objectively awesome. Unfortunately, we've all got to face facts...there simply aren't enough for everyone. We've had to let students down before regarding just how much money's up for grabs, so we know how it feels to have to get real on the subject. No fun being the bearer of bad news on our end, but when one of your hard-working students doesn't have the winning essay, or has parents that make just a smidge too much money on paper? Things get even more disheartening for them. And it doesn't help that the present economy is not exactly the best environment for hefty student loans to be carried in. 

For some extra perspective, CNN got to know some of those students with deep thoughts on how they're drawing from shallow pockets. Fortunately for your TXGU'ers, however, they'll have educators like you to help them with their Plan Bs across the board. We know you'll show how that second or third college choice could very well still be their first step into something great. (And by the way, thanks in advance for that.)