Money Games

For students just about everywhere, personal finance is roughly as exciting as doing the laundry. Sure it's necessary, but good luck getting anyone thrilled about actually doing it. And since money is one thread that ties us all together, it's rather important that TXGU'ers have a good grasp on the concept. That, in addition to the economy and particularly the student debt crisis, is one reason why schools across the country are starting to require more financial literacy classes for kids. But until those classes become a little more commonplace,  we've found a few ideas for getting students engaged and excited about personal finance. For real. 

As savvy educators, you know classroom games make pretty much any subject way more fun for students to learn. The same can be said for puffing up their personal-finance prowess through TXGU's Get a Life game—a fully-immersive experience that gives students an idea of what real life will be like (think balancing budgets, paying for gas, and so much more). Calculating the costs of a trip to the grocery store coupled with a car note and monthly mortgage payments, students start to see their surroundings in a whole new light. But as fun as all that can be, for some TXGU'ers the best approach is one that's based in the real world. Taking to students' phones is another great way to get them more involved and with all the apps out there, there's no shortage of things designed to make managing money fun. When there's this many fun and easy ways to get students involved with personal money matters, the bottom line is anything but boring.