The Gloves Are Off

Money. Whether you've got a lot or not so much, it's one thing we all come into contact with—and think about—on a daily basis. So it would stand to reason that every student should know the basics of personal money management before graduation. Unfortunately, we know that's just not the case. In fact, even though most educators would argue financial literacy is an essential skill, only 17 states require high-school students to take a personal finance lesson. Yikes. Thank goodness we found some simple ways to help you get TXGU'ers fired up about financial literacy

Whether it's an app that helps students comparison shop, filling out a budget simulator, or creating a game-based lesson, just changing the way students approach money can have lasting effects. Just ask any TXGU'er who's played our Get A Life Game. When you're able to get a glimpse into the future, it's a lot easier to start knocking it out now.