APP-ropos of Everything

It seems like the hunt is always on to find new and exciting ways to get students engaged. And with the proliferation of tech in the classroom, a lot of educators are turning to apps to help kids understand classroom concepts. Running the gamut from atrocious to exemplary, even educational apps with the most noble of intentions can often deter and distract from the lesson at hand. So before you download another app onto your classroom tablet, take a moment and run through this checklist to see if it's functional or frivolous.

If you're not sure if you love it or want to leave it, try asking yourself what it is you want your TXGU'ers to learn. Does the app help fulfill a need that you can't provide, or does it just end up distracting students? Flashy apps can be fun, but they're often trying to take away from the fact that the content isn't worth the 99¢ download. Other apps might look a little more dull, but if their content's vibrance more than makes up for it, you might just have a real contender on your hands. Don't get caught up in the craze—with a little bit of research, you'll be finding (and sharing) the best apps for your class in no time.