Appy Days

Let’s face it—there are roughly a zillion apps out there. Each one comes with the promise of doing something faster, cooler, and easier. But keeping track of the latest and greatest downloadable doohickey is basically a full-time job. Check out this handy list of more than 50 educator-recommended apps that are categorized and summarized for your convenience. There's a wide range of options here, and the list varies from apps that are simple to those that may require a bit more ramp-up time (but are worth it in the end).

You may already be familiar with a few of them—like Instagram, Evernote, and iMovie. But there are some fantastic other ones on the list that can allow for collaborative presentations, storytelling, picture editing, and even virtual reality. There are even some that specialize in developing ELA and STEM skills. In a digital world where everything seems possible, it’s nice to have some real direction on what's useful and what isn’t. So free up some space for these apps if you want to turn that smart device into a genius one.