Code Word: Success

A teen and their cellphone, is there any greater love story? Inextricably bound, it's rare to see one without the other. But what TXGU teens might not know is that they're quite possibly holding the key to their future in their hands. With the ubiquity of cellphones, computers, and the internet, jobs in the information technology (IT) field have been some of the hottest careers on the market to date—and also one of the hardest to fill. Due to a major lack of computer science grads, IT jobs are flooding the market. So, why aren't high schools doing more to get IT-required coding incorporated into classrooms? As always, the answer is more complex than it seems.

While most schools are embracing all the nuances of teaching STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) subjects, it gets a bit more convoluted when it comes to complex subjects like coding. One explanation seems to stem (GET IT?!) from the fact that schools just aren't even sure how to categorize the class. Is it it science...what about Of course, that's not all schools are struggling with. Many districts lack the basic infrastructure to teach such a class, while others might not have room in their schedule to add another class. But all hope is not lost! Luckily for anyone interested in pursuing a carefully-crafted career in code, there are tons of out-of-school options (some of which are free or offer scholarships) for them to consider. And with added benefits like teaching teens to problem-solve and focus for extended periods, this is one program probably worth investing in for our TXGU students' futures.