(Re)searching for Answers

The classic role of educators has been to provide students with information and lessons they didn’t know beforehand, but getting kids to learn big takeaways from classroom lessons isn’t always as easy as we hope. So how can we get TXGU'ers to dig deeper and come away with some new insights? For educators in Australia, the answer seems to be incorporating research into their own lives. 

When educators can start to include the tenants of research into their daily routine, they're then able to pass down what they've learned to students who can go on to do the same. The idea behind the Down Under phenomenon is to get educators, and in turn students, comfortable with research and applying their findings in writing through in-text citations, analysis, and paraphrasing for comprehension. And because academic writing—like the kind you find in college (what a coincidence!)—is based on using research to build and back arguments, this Aussie approach has proven excellent at preparing students for success in higher learning institutions. But don't just take our word for it...do a little research and see what you think for yourself.