Going For It

Deciding to go to college can be a very difficult—not to mention, stressful—decision for many TXGU’ers. Especially when it comes to considering factors like applications costs, tuition fees, living arrangements, travel expenses and much, much more. But what happens when a teen is stuck having to choose between college or family? For TXGU near peer Elvia, the answer was clear but it definitely wasn't simple.

Ever since she was a kid, Elvia had dreams of going to college, but her mom had a very different vision in mind—one that involved her staying at home and getting a job to help support the family. Torn between not wanting to disappoint her mother and her unwavering desire to go off to school, Elvia did what any other teen would in her situation and followed her heart. So where did it lead her? You'll have to check out her "How I Got Here" video to see, but we promise it's a happy ending for everyone involved. And once you're done watching, don't forget to check out the accompanying lesson plans full of helpful tips and ideas for students to start those oh-so-important conversations about college with their parents now.