No-Limits Learning

Students with disabilities face extra obstacles in life—physically, emotionally, or mentally (sometimes even a combination of all three). It might seem like they'd need a good shoulder even more so than their TXGU classmates, but in Bryan ISD GEAR UP's arena, it's been decided that the metaphorical body part of choice for these TXGU'ers is actually a strong helping hand. And as our latest "Texas GEAR UP in Action" video will show you, they're getting those in abundance. The Bryan ISD GEAR UP staff have combined their educational forces with those of the Brazos Valley Center for Independent Living and Texas A&M's Postsecondary Access & Training in Human Services to get students skilled in expertly looking after themselves and helping others as they keep moving forward out of high school—to heights that even some of the kids themselves weren't sure they'd be able to reach. Gotta love a good barrier-breaking story.

Looking for more? Get yourself over to the Toolbox page to see how those helping hands are doing their duty. You'll want to give a hand yourself—just more of a celebratory one.