Success from Coast to Coast

Since National GEAR UP Week kicked off on Monday, thousands of educators, students, and community members have come together to share stories of triumph, provide motivation, and most importantly, celebrate all the amazing work that has come out of the program over the decades. By celebrating GEAR UP Week at your school, your TXGU'ers are sure to be a part of this powerful change.  

Whether you’re looking for some inspiration to strengthen your program or haven't been to the website in a while, Texas GEAR UP has tons of valuable resources for educators to celebrate GEAR UP Week and help students on their path to collegiate greatness (and beyond). From classroom activities to helpful college-prep tools and way moreour ever-growing collection of carefully crafted resources is aimed at making your job a little easier. So don't stress if you haven't started the GEAR UP Week celebrations just yet! Now's the perfect time to share the incredible impact GEAR UP has had near and far to ensure that there are many more success stories for our TXGU'ers in the future.