TXGU is on a Roll!

Imagine your high school gym transformed into an interactive college-prep experience for your students. What does it look like? What are the students learning? Are they having a great time? Well, imagine no more because we here at TXGU HQ are turning (day)dreams into reality. We're always looking for new and exciting ways to get TXGU'ers engaged with our amazing college prep and readiness resources, so this spring we made it our mission to take our show on the road and into schools with an awesome event we like to call the Texas GEAR UP Roadshow. 

For our inaugural roadshow extravaganza, we visited Estacado High School in Lubbock, where we brought many of our favorite TXGU resources like the Discover You quiz and Get a Life game offline and into the hands of students. After having the chance to play the real-world scenario and budgeting game, many of the students walked away with a newfound appreciation not only for how hard their parents work to provide for them ("I had no idea groceries cost so much!"), but also with some positive takeaways about just how important a college degree can be ("How am I going to afford a car repair when I only make $400 a week...because I don't have a degree?"). And through some thoughtfully-themed activities (including a photo booth and college-trivia Jenga), we put some fun back into the fundamentals of college prep.

Want to know more about the TXGU Roadshow? Interested in bringing the event to your school? Drop us a line at info@TexasGEARUP.com and request a visit!