Reading for Fun?

As the old axiom goes, there are two sides to every coin. Of course, working with TXGU kids of all ages, personality types, and backgrounds is more like rolling one of those 20-sided dice instead (yes, those exist, and no, we don’t know exactly what you’re supposed to do with them either). But one of the things we all know for sure is that extra reading helps students. Reading expands the mind through relaying information, stimulating the imagination, and helping with word recognition—all for the cost of a seat and some light to read by. Kids (from one to 92, as the song goes) should be reading as much as they can whenever they can. The only question that remains is what they should be reading, and whether or not they should be the ones to make the calls.

The Washington Post gathered a couple of pointed opinions about the importance of letting kids choose their own books versus making sure they’re reading challenging and appropriate material. The argument is one for the ages, and while we’re not taking sides, the debate is definitely worth a look.