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Created By: U.S. Department of Labor

Audience: Students, career advisors

Focus: Finding jobs, careers, and skills training

Big Picture: Consider this a fairly exhaustive resource for anything related to jobs and careers—from nationwide job-database searching to career guidance to education and training options to resume creation and interview strategies. Each main section of the site allows users to drill down to very focused results. For instance, Explore Careers might lead to What’s Hot, a list that includes Fastest Growing Industries, one of which is Masonry Contractors and its detailed job profile. Job searches are simple—enter key words and a zip code—and the results are immediate and comprehensive. And the site itself is accessibility-friendly, with quick toggling between English and Spanish and various font sizes.

Big Challenge Solved: Ultimately, college is about careers, so everything here is filtered through that lens—the discussion is framed around figuring out exactly what you want to do with your life, and then giving you the resources to achieve that particular goal.

Must-Use: The skill and ability videos in the Explore Careers section are short and informative, and general enough to be of use to anyone in any field.

Most Unique Tool: A whole section on Green Careers wisely addresses this important job sector, helping spell out exactly what kinds of related careers there are, where to get the training, and which green jobs are growing the fastest.

Best Middle-School Student Tool: The Education + Training section provides a concise Your Goals page—just enough detail to start younger students thinking about careers, providing them a few resources for further exploration.

Best High-School Student Tool: Pre-college work experience can really enhance admissions applications, and the site provides solid advice on internships, apprenticeships, resume-building, and interview strategies.

Protip: There’s a dedicated section for students and counselors, but it’s not readily part of the main navigation—you’ll find the link from the homepage on the left in the box that reads “CareerOneStop is”. Bookmark it once you’re there.

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