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Texas GEAR UP in Action: Transformational College Field Lessons

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TXGU Grant: Texas GEAR UP State Grant

Big Picture: Some lucky IDEA Public Schools students from the Rio Grande Valley are getting a highly unique taste of college life through the exciting and engaging Transformational College Field Lessons program. These lessons aren't your typical visits to local colleges or even state universities. No, these TXGU'ers are getting real-life experiences they'll never forget. As part of a small group of carefully vetted freshmen on a seven-school Ivy League tour, selected students sat in on classes (where they were even called on by professors) at schools like MIT, Harvard, Brown, and other heavy-hitters. See how deeper-dive trips like these can truly transform lives and empower students with the confidence they need to keep their dreams (and their work ethics) big.

Sample Tools: Take a peek at IDEA's itinerary and registration forms to see how they made their trips to multiple Ivy League colleges as seamless as possible.

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