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Texas GEAR UP in Action: College Matters Summer Camp

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TXGU Grant: Texas GEAR UP State Grant

Big Picture: For students, the process of preparing for college can be pretty overwhelming—particularly because of all the unknowns. But for 150 TXGU'ers who attended the College Matters Summer Camp, the opportunity to experience university life first-hand at the picturesque St. Edward’s University in Austin was certainly an enlightening one. The Texas GEAR UP State Grant's inaugural event also allowed students to gain valuable insight into what it takes to overcome challenges and find success in life after high school through workshops, networking sessions, and plenty of team-building exercises. And just like every good summer camp, when class wasn’t in session TXGU'ers bonded with their peers through a variety of fun-filled activities, including a scavenger hunt and an action-packed, end-of-camp dance. But it wasn't all fun and games—after lots of hard work, students at the camp certainly walked away understanding why college matters. 

Sample Tool: Even though College Matters Summer Camp is long over, students are able to cherish some of their favorite memories for a lifetime with a custom-made yearbook. 

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