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Texas GEAR UP Decision Day Resources


When your TXGU’ers are ready to make the huge decision about which college they’re going to attend, that’s clearly worth celebrating in style. Hosting a Texas GEAR UP Decision Day is a fantastic way to let your seniors officially announce their postsecondary plans at an event truly worthy of the occasion. And we’ve got a treasure trove of resources just waiting to help you make it happen.

Download the zip file below for a wealth of tools you can use to stage your own Texas GEAR UP Decision Day. You’ll find:

  • Decision Day logos
  • Social media graphics
  • Step and repeat design
  • Photo sign designs (protip: use in your event’s photo booth)
  • Snapchat filter
  • Snapchat guide
  • Social media guide
  • Press release template
  • Media alert template
  • Sponsorship/donation letter template
  • Event day template
  • Decision Day letterhead

All the art files are completely ready to be shared or sent to professional printers (and the logo files can be put on swag items to provide souvenirs at the event). And all the templates are ready to be customized to your event’s exact needs. Texas GEAR UP Decision Day is all about celebration—with maybe a bit of inspiration thrown in for the younger students—so we want to help you make yours a massive success. Questions, comments, and post-event photos are very welcome at

Enjoy your big day!

TXGU Decision Day Resources