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Texas GEAR UP in Action: Dropout Recovery & Prevention

  • Texas GEAR UP


Big Picture: There are students in Bryan who are heading to college despite incredible odds being stacked against them—and that is due in no small part to the efforts of the Bryan ISD GEAR UP team. With a focused, personalized commitment to dropout recovery and prevention, GEAR UP staffer Lindsey Aldridge makes it her mission to help at-risk kids avoid falling through the proverbial cracks. She’s knocked on countless doors and made a true difference in the lives of students who now have promising futures ahead of them.

Bonus: Follow your viewing up with a bonus video that offers invaluable tips on replicating Bryan ISD GEAR UP’s dropout program.

Sample Tool: The Bryan ISD GEAR UP team has shared an example of the home visit form they use for data collection in their dropout recovery and prevention program.

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