Texas GEAR UP Brand Art


Good news for fans of the new Texas GEAR UP brand… We’re offering up the latest TXGU logos and fonts so that all grants across the state can share in the fresh new look. Just download the zip file below, and you’ll have access to all the different TXGU logos and brand marks (horizontal, stacked, color, black & white, the list goes on), as well as all the various fonts used with the updated design. 

In the download, you’ll also find the official TXGU Brand & Style Guide—a.k.a. your one-stop reference tool for info on how all the fonts and logos should be used to be consistent with the overall statewide effort. Just about any question you could think of (about colors, typography, and much more) should be answered in the guide. But if your burning inquiry isn’t covered, just let us know.

Feel free to incorporate the logos, fonts, and brand marks into your outreach materials, student assets, classroom decor, presentation resources, communication tools, or just about any place you see fit!  

TXGU Brand Files
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