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Accepted! Now What?

Your TXGU’ers worked so hard to get those coveted college acceptance letters. But once they know where they’ll be spending the next four (or so) years, do they actually know what the next steps are to ensure a successful first year in higher ed?

“TXGU’s Guide to All Things College” covers the must-know details that are crucial to students making a smooth transition to this next phase of their lives. With information about what to do both before and after the first day of college classes, this (oh-so-teen-friendly) guide is an ideal tool to have on hand at all times leading up to and during that transformative initial year. Flip through the guide right here, or download it to read and share with students later.

You can also send your TXGU’ers over to the student section of the site so they can flip through the resource on their own with an intro crafted just for them.

Download the Guide