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Texas GEAR UP in Action: Book Club

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TXGU Grant: ESC Region 12 College Link

Big Picture: In an effort to foster a passion for reading, the ESC Region 12 College Link team started a book club that's gotten their kids going cover to cover like never before. A focus of the club is preparing TXGU’ers for college by developing social skills, text-analysis techniques, and adding context to curriculum they’re already exposed to in class. The response has been tremendous. As membership has grown, so has the program. The students (in conjunction with their advisors) are now curating book lists for consideration. Forming a strong partnership with the school library and getting word of mouth going helped get this program off the ground. The inclusive nature of a book club has also made reading more like fun than homework. So if you’d like to get a book club started in your own grant, watch to see how it’s done.

Sample Tools: Don’t know where to begin with your book list? No worries. Here's a list of suggested books for a great place to start.

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