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TXGU Activity: Building a Support Network


Created By:
 Texas GEAR UP

Grade Level: 11th

Introduction for Educators: Everyone has to learn to face his or her fears. By encouraging students to find advice and comforting words about what's next in life, you can help them avoid missing out on growth and opportunity.

Introduction for Students: When you were young, were you afraid to go to sleep without a light on? Many of us have had that fear—the fear of not knowing what’s around us and who’s there to help us. Today, the dark probably doesn’t bother you. But the unknown can still be scary. That’s where a network of people to support you can come in.

The Activity: Make a list of a "Dream Team" of people that you would love to have in your life helping you make decisions about college selections. Write emails to the "Dream Team" people asking if they’ll commit to supporting you through the college process.

Then take your "Dream Team" list and ask them all to accompany you in one-on-one outings to get coffee, play mini-golf, eat dinner, or whatever you like to do together. During the outings, ask them the following questions: What were your fears, goals, and expectations heading into college? What did your actual experience look like compared to what you initially thought? Then share with them your own fears, goals, and expectations.