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TXGU Activity: Building a Support Network


Created By:
 Texas GEAR UP

Grade Level: 9th/10th

Introduction for Educators: Many students aren't aware that there's help out there for them if they’re just willing to ask. Of course, some of them don't have parents or guardians who know how to help them through the college process. By encouraging students to look for people to learn from and ask for help, you can position them to get needed information now and live a lifestyle of constantly learning from others.

Introduction for Students: How often have you wished you could control what you were taught in school? Well, what if there was a deep pool of advice available to help you know what to do next in life? Wouldn't you want to seek it out? Right now, you’ll find people in your life that can provide you what you need for deciding and navigating the next steps toward your future.

The Activity: Make a list of a "Dream Team" of people that you would love to have in your life helping you make decisions about college selections.

Write emails to the list of "Dream Team" people asking if they’ll commit to supporting you through the college process.

Bonus Features: Buy some "Dream Team" posters of the famous U.S. Olympic basketball team and have students replace the heads of the players with photos of family and friends that have committed to help them on their journey to college.