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TXGU Activity: Charting a Graduation Plan


Created By:
 Texas GEAR UP

Grade Level: 7th/8th

Introduction for Educators: The natural tendency is to take the easy road in life. Help your students understand the different diploma plans available to them and (most importantly) the different outcomes they usually lead to.

Introduction for Students: Your entrance into high school has almost arrived! Ever thought about what you'll do once you're there? There are different paths to take in high school—the classes you take affect the diploma you receive. When you finally finish and receive that diploma, what do you want it to say about you?

The Activity: Go to College for All Texans and choose "In High School" under the "Make a Plan" link. Read up on the two options for diploma plans. Then check out this Own Your Own Future worksheet for a side-by-side comparison. What are the benefits of the more difficult diploma plan? 

Once you’ve figured that out, sit down with your school's guidance counselor (or your GEAR UP advisor) to learn about any requirements specific to your school.

Bonus Features: Discuss this statistic with your students: "83 percent of high school students who take algebra and geometry enroll in college."