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Texas GEAR UP in Action: College Road Trips

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TXGU Grant: UTEP Proyecto M.A.S. (Motivating Aspiring Scholars)

Big Picture: They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and we definitely agree. But when it comes to students being able to really place themselves in a college setting, a 3-D experience is even more ideal. And no, we don't mean sending them to an informational IMAX screening—we're talking about sticking them on a bus, getting them on a montage-worthy trip, and having them truly gain firsthand experience with what it's like on college campuses across the state (and beyond). Especially when many of the students involved haven't yet experienced much beyond the deserts of El Paso. Take it from us, you can't really put something like walking the rolling hills of UT Austin or taking in the full glory of the Traditions Plaza at Texas A&M into a computer. Seeing (and touching and listening and singing road songs) really is believing. And when the visits are tied to summer academic-enrichment programs, the winning just doesn't stop...

Sample Tool: Take a look at the particulars students need to rack up their frequent-college-tour miles, and get a taste of exactly where they're headed.

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