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Texas GEAR UP in Action: District Leadership Team

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TXGU Grant: Region One ESC GEAR UP: Ready, Set, College!

Big Picture: Multi-level collaboration is the name of the game with the school admin and staff of Region One ESC GEAR UP, and no, we don't mean they're in on a pyramid scheme. What they're doing (and quite successfully) is having regular interdisciplinary meetings in each district between GEAR UP staffers, teachers, and school administrators (all the way up to the superintendent) built right into their grant to better work out innovative ideas amongst themselves and share data on what is, isn't, could be, and should be happening with their TXGU kids. Having this "core" in their districts has been an excellent way to not only bring more brains together and give everyone an equal voice, but to also make sure everyone in the room is creating policies with all the pertinent information possible. And best of all? It's all going back into getting TXGU'ers up and over their high school hurdles and on the right track to a college degree. Now that's how you do a meeting of the minds...

Sample Tools: Take a peek at these districts' training docs, meeting outlines, and more—they're the perfect glimpse into what goes on behind closed doors, and in the best way.

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