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TXGU Activity: Looking Ahead for Inspiration


Created By:
 Texas GEAR UP

Grade Level: 7th/8th

Introduction for Educators: Students often have no idea what kinds of salaries accompany different careers or even what it will take for them to achieve what their parents have. If they find out, perhaps they'll realize it's doable after all, and what it will take to get there.

Introduction for Students: You can picture it now: You're a big shot in the record business driving a Lexus, meeting with famous people, and helping musicians make hit records. Or you work in a crime lab, doing all kinds of amazing experiments and tests to prove that an elusive criminal is guilty and will finally be put behind bars. Or maybe you're a mom who balances raising your kids with working as a doctor in a local clinic. How do those people get where they are? What does it look like between now and then for you to achieve that level of success?

The Activity: Have students write down where they’d like to be in life at age 30—their relationship status, their job, and where they’ll live. What would their 30-year-old self have needed to do in college to make all that happen?

Then direct students to find two careers on that they would love (and also require a college degree).

Bonus Features: Have students search for stories of people who overcame long odds to attend, and succeed in, college. See if they include famous people, and then share those names.