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Powered By: XAP

Audience: Students (with some resources for counselors, teachers, mentors)

Focus: Test prep

Big Picture: is a no-nonsense (but packed-with-power) prep site for the big three standardized college admissions tests: SAT, ACT, and GRE. Free sign-up gets students access to customized study and practice for the tests—and by customized, we mean that the courses adjust to their specific needs and learning level. They can register to study for any of the three, and easily add the others as they go along. Or they can just sign up for the vocabulary builder course, designed to strengthen the language arts skills needed for any of the tests. There’s a home-page link for educators to go to XAP’s feature-rich Counselor Center, and lots of info on how parents and teachers can become valuable test-prep coaches.

Big Challenge Solved: The site offers a one-stop shop for info and prep on the trifecta of SAT, ACT, and GRE tests—no need for multiple resources. And the free registration gets college hopefuls all the test-taking practice they can handle.

Must Use: Word of the Day—you can see it on the home page, but go to the individual test sections and you’ll find that you can also view each of the previous days’ words as well.

Most Unique Tool: The SAT, ACT, and GRE sections all have a sample test Question of the Day. Students can try a new one everyday—when they get it right, the answer page lets them know how their peers handled the question as well.

Best Middle-School Student Tool: Students can do test-prep prep by signing up to use the Vocabulary Builder. It’s great help for them in their current studies—and when test time finally does come, they’ll be ahead of the curve.

Best High-School Student Tool: Each test section on the site provides a tutorial that lets students take a ten-question sample quiz. Basically, they can “try before they buy” and then focus their test prep on areas that are the most challenging.

Protip: Yes, registering for the site’s tutorials is free, but educators could first guide students to the right navigation column, where they can get a solid overview of each test’s purpose. It may help them decide which one to prep for first.

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