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Texas GEAR UP in Action: Parent & Student Athlete Symposium

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TXGU Grant: Texas GEAR UP State Grant

Big Picture: The Texas GEAR UP State Grant hosted a Parent & Student Athlete Symposium and scored big time. The focus of the event was to bring kids who play sports together with their biggest fans—their parents—under one roof to talk about the deeper meaning behind athletics and how the principles behind teamwork, leadership, and hard work present themselves beyond the playing field. Attendees from four districts were treated to a day of games, workshops, and guest speakers (including former student athletes). The headliner at the event was none other than world-champion San Antonio Spurs shooting guard Danny Green. We certainly know that not every child will grow up to be a title-winning athlete, but with symposiums like this, they’ll have a far better chance at earning a much more valuable trophy: a college degree.

Sample Tools: Want to stage your own parent and student athlete shindig? You’re in luck. Outreach Specialist Mike King shared helpful advice on navigating all the logistics.

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