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TXGU Activity: Pathways to Outstanding Performance


Created By:
 Texas GEAR UP

Grade Level: 7th/8th

Introduction for Educators: When students have created goals for their future, they’re much more likely to sacrifice for that future. Help your TXGU students make short- and long-term predictions for how they can move towards becoming "life ready."

Introduction for Students: Imagine hopping on the bus tomorrow and, instead of it taking you to school like normal, it drops you off in front of a 63-story-tall office building. You look back to the bus driver, confused. She tells you, "This isn't just a regular school day—this is the first day of your career. Good luck."

What would you do? Take a minute to analyze your own readiness for college, for your career, and for your life. Make goals so you'll be totally ready in the future.

The Activity: Create a timeline of your life. Identify the years that you hope to be reaching all the major milestones in your future. For each milestone, write down how you’ll know you’re ready—what have you done to prepare yourself? 

Bonus Features: Post the completed timelines on the wall and encourage students to track progress they make towards the next level of life-readiness. To take it one step further, study the lives of accomplished Americans, pick one, and see if you can plot their journey to life-readiness.