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TXGU Activity: Paying for College


Created By:
 Texas GEAR UP

Grade Level: 12th

Introduction for Educators: How long has it taken you to learn to navigate banks, credit cards, and taxes? With college just around the corner, your students will need to master these concepts quickly.

Financial literacy is a key part of your students’ preparation for paying for college. By helping them comprehend the institutions that affect their finances, you’re helping them pay for college.

Introduction for Students: You've hopefully been learning how financial institutions affect you for years. So now it’s time to act on what you’ve learned.

But be careful! These institutions can help you get ready for college, or they can make your finances even more difficult.

The Activity: Evaluate how different financial institutions affect financing your education. Utilize at least one institution to help you pay for college.

Here's how:

Step 1: Do you have a savings account? If not, start one today! If you already have a savings account, research some other banks and determine if there’s a better way to save for college.

Step 2: Research possible loans. Which is the best loan for you?

Step 3: Are you eligible for any grants associated with government assistance? If so, start applying today.