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Texas GEAR UP in Action: Rails to Trails

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TXGU Grant: Region One ESC GEAR UP: Ready, Set, College!

Big Picture: The forward-thinkers at Region One ESC GEAR UP are using a citywide problem in Rio Hondo to improve the quality of life for its citizens—as well as provide a tremendous opportunity to teach urban planning to some lucky TXGU'ers. After a city planner noticed that kids were literally running in traffic (obviously way dangerous), a plan to develop an exercise trail was hatched. What made this plan different is that it relied on valuable input from the students themselves as to how the trail would be designed, financed, and ultimately presented to the city council. The end result was the adoption of a resolution in support of the trail project, in addition to a truly unique chance for Texas GEAR UP kids to do some awesome job-shadowing.

Sample Tools: For a peek at the application process, as well as the presentation that sealed the deal, download the bundle below.

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