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Scholarships for Hispanic and Latino Students

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Audience: Students and parents

Focus: Financial aid for Hispanic and Latino students

Big Picture: There’s a very comprehensive section of the Best Colleges website devoted solely to providing financial aid research and opportunities to Hispanic and Latino students in the United States. The top of the page provides a simple search engine that links results to one of the site’s sponsored colleges (e.g. a search for scholarship opportunities in criminal justice links to Southern New Hampshire University). And just below that is a dropdown navigation menu to take users through sections on DACA, scholarship and grant money, external resources, and more. The page is no-nonsense, but the content is vast and well organized.

Big Challenge Solved: Basically, this should be one of the first stops for Hispanics and Latinos looking for college resources and financial aid programs geared specifically to them—and a simple click toggles the whole page between English and Spanish.

Must-Use: Ladies should go right to the page navigation dropdown, find Scholarships, then scroll down to Scholarships for Hispanic Women. The list is small but incredibly valuable, and unique among financial aid websites.

Most Unique Tool: A quick navigation down to Financial Aid for Undocumented Students and users will see the link to the College Guide for Undocumented Students—it’s all things DACA, and is kept up to date as changes are made to the program.

Best Middle-School Student Tool: Scholarship Basics in the navigation menu takes students to a concise explanation of what scholarships are and what’s needed to get them, followed by a list of links to some of the biggest scholarship sites on the web.

Best High-School Student Tool: High schoolers will want to dig right into the Scholarships section and the General Scholarships for Hispanic Students, which provides an excellent list of programs sponsored by such high-profile companies as NBCUniversal and ExxonMobil.

Protip: The site is best viewed as a resource for other resources, with its many links to other equally comprehensive websites—and none better than the Hispanic Scholarship Fund, which can be found under Additional Resources.

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