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TXGU Activity: Strengthening Scholarly Identity


Created By:
 Texas GEAR UP

Grade Level: 9th/10th

Introduction for Educators: Family involvement is critical to a student's development of identity and skill. If you encourage the student to look to the family for direction and support, you can help them find grounding for their identity as a scholar.

Introduction for Students: "My mom, she set me up for the life I have now," said LeBron James about his mother's role in his development. Becoming a league MVP and champion came to James because his mother noticed his passion and skill in basketball and helped him to develop his potential. In what skills and activities do your parents and family see potential in you?

The Activity: Sit down with your family and ask them the following questions: What school activities and subjects do they feel are your main passions and strengths? What are you doing well to grow in those strengths and passions? What can you do better? What career paths utilize those strengths and passions? Who else does your family know with those strengths and passions?

Bonus Features: Take candid photos of students having fun doing activities or working hard and frame them around the classroom, and/or encourage students to find photos of themselves doing productive activities with family and friends to decorate their own workspaces.