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TXGU Activity: Taking Ownership of Learning


Created By:
 Texas GEAR UP

Grade Level: 11th

Introduction for Educators: Rather than having students mimic those who are able to pass or excel in difficult subjects with seeming ease, encourage your students to put forth their best effort when tackling difficult classes.

Introduction for Students: At your school, is working hard to get good grades a sign of strength or weakness? Regardless, at some point we all have to try hard in order to succeed. Learn how to work hard now by doing things like setting goals, finding things you love to do, and figuring out what it takes for you to be successful.

The Activity: What’s your best subject in school right now? Are you good at this subject because you love it and are willing to put in hard work or does it just come naturally? Have you felt encouraged in this subject? Are you working to your full potential? Once you’ve figured that out, identify three actions you need to take in order to improve your academic performance in that class—then execute those three actions. Take notice of your self-confidence during this time; is it growing or shrinking?