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Texas Guaranteed


Created By: Texas Guaranteed Student Loan Corporation

Audience: Students and parents

Focus: Student loan information

Big Picture: This website provides a healthy supply of information, products, and services pertaining primarily to financing college education, with a focus on TG’s offerings and data related to Texas law in this area. Main navigation allows users to find info from a student/family perspective (new loans, repayment of loans post-graduation, etc.) and from a school/community perspective (help for guidance counselors and high school principals, regulations colleges should be aware of, etc.). Big Challenge Solved: Makes the discussion of financial aid, loans, and debt seem less daunting by keeping the language friendly, the site navigation clear, and leveraging Texas Guaranteed’s associated site Adventures in Education.

Must-Use: The School Fact Sheets resource in the Borrowers section provides a massive list of Texas colleges and universities, and users can create comparison charts for info in such areas as financial aid and school expenses.

Most Unique Tool: There’s a very helpful English-to-Spanish glossary of relevant terms—in essence, the English word or phrase with its definition or meaning in Spanish.

Best Middle-School Student Tool: If users check out the resources under Students and Family, they can find what is essentially an online store of college-prep posters and brochures, in English and Spanish, aimed at middle-school students—and they’re all free.

Best High-School Student Tool: Students can use a suite of calculators to help them factor loan repayment amounts and schedules for a variety of federal and personal loan types and programs.

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