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How I Got Here: Angelica

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So you've got a lot of first-gen students on your hands without too much in the way of college savings, and some may be close to giving up hope on pursuing higher education all together. Happily, Angelica's story can show them just how wrong they are to drop the dream—she's graduating with $0.00 in debt thanks to a rigorous schedule of turning in one scholarship application per week (and that's on top of keeping up with her classes and many, many student activities). Watch her star in her own TXGU "How I Got Here" video, and let this Houstonian powerhouse give you about a month's worth of inspiration in a matter of minutes.

Short Version: Click here to watch the tale of Angelica without the enhanced educator footage. 

Student Version: Want your students to get a taste of some real hustle? Send 'em on down to Angelica's story.

Lesson Plans: These standards-aligned lesson plans have been tailor-made to accompany Angelica's awesome accomplishments.

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