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How I Got Here: Lemnique

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Lemnique had a passion for animals that she wanted to turn into a career, and she knew that college (specifically, a lot of it) was the only way to make it happen. Working through college is already a challenge, but when getting an advanced degree is also a prerequisite to the dream job? Let's just say students can't get along by simply 'parroting' their lessons—it really takes a lot of grit. Luckily, Lemnique shows that off in spades in this installment of TXGU's "How I Got Here" video series. Sharing her journey with students is a great way to underscore the fact that wanting to land an awesome job in the future is a perfect reason to get that college degree. Not to mention that it's a pretty ideal motivation to keep in mind when the going gets 'ruff'...

Short Version: Find the “just the facts, please” version of Lemnique’s video here. 

Student Version: Want your students to work on unleashing their potential? We've got their motivation right here.

Lesson Plans: Incorporate these standards-aligned lesson plans to help boost your TXGU'ers' college drive.

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