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How I Got Here: Maria

  • Texas GEAR UP

During high school, Maria went through every day burdened with a secret—she’s an undocumented citizen. While her GEAR UP classmates were starting to prep for college, Maria was thinking that she’d never be able to step foot on a college campus due to her status. And she was devastated. It was only when she finally shared her fear with her GEAR UP coordinator that she found out there was absolutely a path for her to get that college degree. This video lets her tell her inspiring story in her own words, and it’s perfect to share with any student who may be facing the same hurdle.

Short Version: See the streamlined version of Maria’s tale right here.

Student Version: Send your TXGU’ers here to be moved (and motivated) by Maria’s video.

Lesson Plans: Use these standards-aligned lesson plans when you show the video to really deepen the impact of the message.

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