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: Trellis Company (formerly TG)

Big Picture: This attractive, easy-to-navigate website provides a healthy supply of information, products, and services pertaining primarily to financing college education. The homepage allows users to quickly start exploring the site through one of two main paths: Borrowers (for all kinds of loan repayment info) and Community and Institutions (for student loan info that affects the greater higher ed community, including schools and policymakers). And if former Texas Guaranteed borrowers are confused about the name change, the About Trellis section lays out the decision making and revised company philosophy very clearly, assuring users that their old TG accounts are still intact.

Big Challenge Solved: Makes the discussion of financial aid, loans, and debt seem less daunting by keeping the language friendly, the site navigation clear, and leveraging Trellis Company’s associated site Adventures in Education.

Must-Use: There’s a convenient repository of all kinds of forms a student might need to help ease the burden during the loan repayment phase (for actions like deferment or forbearance)—these can be found under Forms for Student Loan Borrowers.

Most Unique Tool:  The Trellis Student Financial Education section offers a free training program for educators to utilize a series of short, interactive modules that teach their students powerful concepts around borrowing and money management.

Best Middle-School Student Tool: It’s never a bad idea for students to start wrapping their heads around the seriousness of borrowing and repaying money at an early age—the site’s Smart Borrowing primer is informative and easy to read.

Best High-School Student Tool: As high schoolers are contemplating loan options, they could find the Borrower FAQ quite useful in understanding the challenges of repayment and anticipating problems before they arise.

Protip: The more you know about Texas Guaranteed’s transition to Trellis Company, the better you’ll be able to field questions as you direct your students to the site. You can get educated by checking out posts in the Newsroom.

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