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Zombie College


Created By
: Get Schooled & Detonator Games

Audience: Students

Focus: College readiness, financial planning

Big Picture: A free app for the iPhone or iPad, Zombie College is a slick and fun video game that schools students on college-prep essentials, all under the guise of safely getting an assortment of zombie characters into college. Game play is simple—keep a variety of criteria like “good grades” and “extracurricular activities” from falling to the ground—but the pace and challenge level pick up a bit as the game goes on. With each level completed, the player gets an info box about that level’s key focus (the value of finding a mentor in the college-prep process, for instance). With top-notch graphics and music, Zombie College is a clever and unique tool that stands out in the world of electronic college-planning resources.

Big Challenge Solved: Point blank: how to make college-and-career readiness fun. The game won’t give students everything they need, but it nicely provides them with key college-prep concepts, and regularly encourages them to visit for more help.

Must Use: Once a player gets three X’s, the game should be over—however, the app gives you a chance to take one X away by answering a college-prep-related question. Users should be patient here, as the answers are not as obvious as they seem.

Best Middle-School Student Tool: Players can complete each level without achieving the three-star perfect score—however, students wanting to cultivate that “never give up” spirit can replay any level for a chance to increase their score and get those coveted stars.

Best High-School Student Tool: Students shouldn’t blow through the end-of-level screens just to keep playing the game. These screens provide solid advice for getting into college—users will want to carefully read them and maybe even jot down some notes before continuing.

Protip: Players will be tempted to stop anything from falling—including red X’s. Let these icons simply fall, or you’ll accumulate them (which you don’t want). In later levels, X’s will fall at the same time as other icons, so users should stay focused.

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