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College Week Live

Audience: Students, counselors, parents

Big Picture: You can get your college info straight from the source, as College Week Live lets you sign up for chat sessions and live presentations from admissions counselors and currently enrolled college students. In addition, you can search for universities that fit your interests, and take advantage of more than $5 million in scholarship opportunities.

How It Helps You: Get immediate access to people who can answer your questions about college, and sit in on college fairs and info sessions that would normally cost you (and your parents) lots of time and money to attend.

Must-Use: School and friends keep you busy, so making time for college planning can be a chore—use the College Planning Timeline in the Resources section to help you map out your actions each season, starting with fall of junior year.

Parent-Friendliness: Your parents can also sign up for access to the same college-prep events as you, as well as participate in talks geared specifically for them—like how they can help you score well on your ACTs and SATs.

Protip: To make sure your computer can handle live video chats and other streaming services, head over to the FAQ section to get the tech specs that’ll help you optimize your online experience.