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Audience: Students and counselors primarily, also parents

Big Picture: When it comes to figuring out what college major is best for you, let MyMajors do the heavy lifting. Log in and take a 15-minute “quiz” that’ll help the website create a customized list of majors that suit you. Then use the dynamic search engine to narrow down colleges based on size, type, distance from home, and more. A helpful blog provides additional advice, both for you and your teachers and parents.

How It Helps You: If you’re not quite sure what you want to study in college, MyMajors is one of the best resources out there—it’s worth your time to take the short assessment and see what it comes up with.

Must-Use: Check out the blog for lots of great articles and videos on things like understanding what the newest college major trends are, how to create the best application, and even campus fashion advice.

Parent-Friendliness: Parents can use the site’s smart college search engine either with you and or on their own, and they’ll also benefit from the MyMajors Magazine—tons of great advice for getting you into the right school.

Protip: We recommend taking the assessment right away (click Register on the homepage)—that way, the rest of your time on the site doing college searches will be personalized to your interests