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Mary and Dan Rosenfield

Audience: High school students, adult learners, guidance counselors

Big Picture: Getting your college degree online can save you time and money, and this website is specifically focused on helping you find those programs. You can search colleges by state or degree, apply to over 75 scholarship websites, use a student loan calculator, and get all kinds of college prep advice, no matter what grade you’re in or how old you are.

How It Helps You: Online degrees are more popular than ever—here, you can pick the school of your dreams, find out which online programs they offer, and maybe graduate from a college you wouldn’t have been able to afford otherwise.

Must-Use: The Quick Degree Finder lets you choose your field of interest (like technology) and specific major (say, computer science), and then it takes you to a page with a list of the best programs and how to get more info about them.

Parent-Friendliness: Parents will appreciate the wide array of topics covered in the Articles for Students section—have them read “A Brief History of Online Education” to help them understand how legit online degrees really are. 

Protip: On the homepage, scroll down to see a listing of the top 10 most popular pages on the site—use these to make searching the site easier. Especially #4, which takes you to the state-by-state list of colleges with online degree programs.