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Compare College TX


Created By:
Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board

Audience: 7th-12th-grade students

Big Picture: Shop for Texas colleges with this easy-to-use comparison website. Focus your search using three categories: average tuition, acceptance rates, and how long it takes to graduate. Once schools meeting your criteria pop up, you can compare them across a variety of factors, then save the ones you like to My Colleges, which is basically your own digital shopping cart for higher education.

How It Helps You: The site does one thing only, and it makes that thing very simple—find and compare colleges. The searches are fast, the info is laid out very clearly, and if you want other kinds of college-prep resources, scroll to the bottom for recommendations.

Must-Use: Go everywhere with your smartphone? Well, this is one college-prep site that has been fully ported to mobile viewing—a great (and majorly productive) way to kill time while you’re out and about or waiting in line (or both).

Parent-Friendliness: Your parents love the idea of keeping it simple, so with its attractive design and easy interactivity, Compare College TX is perfect for helping Mom or Dad learn more about some of the schools you’re considering.

Protip: To help you better understand some of the info the site may throw at you, we suggest you head over to the About Us section and scan the Metric Definitions—concise and clearly-written summaries for a variety of important terms. (Good news: You won’t be quizzed on them!)