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Audience: Students, parents, teachers

Big Picture: The site’s claim to fame is its virtual tours: high quality, 360-degree views of more than 1,300 colleges. Once you create a user profile, you can bookmark any college you like, tag tons of interesting articles, and even enter a contest to win $1,000 in scholarship money.

How It Helps You: Actually being able to visualize so much of any campus could help you narrow down which colleges to visit, saving you extra dollars that can go toward tuition or textbooks instead.

Must-Use: The Scholarship Search function lets registered users search through more than 10,000 sources of scholarship and grant money, finding you lots of ways to pay for the college program of your choice.

Parent-Friendliness: The For Parents section provides a huge variety of helpful articles that can benefit both your ‘rents and you, like the one entitled “top ten things to know about college applications.”

Protip: We recommend going right to the Campus Tours page—not only will you be able to do advanced college searches, but it’s sort of like a “greatest hits” of the site, including links to the most popular tours and articles.