Student Hub

Every Chance, Every Texan


Created By: Texas Prepaid Higher Education Tuition Board

Audience: 7th-12th-grade students, parents and grandparents, counselors

Big Picture: This no-frills, Texas-focused website is geared toward helping you plan how to pay for your higher education, as well as letting you know what jobs and careers are out there waiting for you. It’s a good resource to share with the parents, as they’ll be interested in learning more about the state’s financial-aid resources—including the 529 plan, which lets you lock in your future college tuition at today’s prices.

How It Helps You: The site’s not flashy, but it is essential, and if you’re ready to really dig in and get solid advice on saving and paying for colleges in Texas, then this is one of the best places to go on the web.

Must-Use: Scope out the Texas Careers for Today and Tomorrow section for a look at what the current and future job trends are, and what kind of degree you’ll need to get them.

Parent-Friendliness: The whole site is parent friendly, and that’s because it’s speaking their language: how to pay for your college. You can direct them to the Parents and Grandparents section, which will make it easy for them to begin exploring the site’s vast resources.

Protip: We find that hitting the Planning Strategies section first is a good starting point for understanding the math involved in figuring out what it will really mean for you to pay for your college tuition—inevitably, you’ll want to know how loans and savings plans work.