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Faces of TXGU: Agojok

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Agojok is all about taking snaps—but no app required. This sophomore from Manor does photography old-school style (with an actual camera), documenting the world as she sees it. A big fan of singing in the choir and firing up her imagination, Agojok plans to someday be a teacher in South Sudan, where her parents grew up. Watch her share her full story as we flip the camera on the photographer herself…

  • JoHannah Carroll

    I would really love to do photography and it really seem interesting and you are amazing, I would like to go visit colleges and start looking I think see different types of colleges before just saying "hey I'm going to go here". So I think that would be really interesting to be someone like you and just be free and willing to go far and wide to see different places. Your amazing!!!☺
  • TXGU Team

    Thanks, JoHannah! We're so glad you loved Agojok's story! And you're totally right that visiting colleges is a great way to find out what's going to be the best fit for you. If you're part of a GEAR UP program, you can talk to your coordinator about college visits. And if you're not part of GEAR UP, ask your guidance counselor about the best way to get started with planning some visits. Campus tour info for Texas schools can also be found here: You can definitely make your photography dreams come true! -TXGU Team

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