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How I Got Here: Alex

  • Texas GEAR UP
  • 33

Think you can’t switch colleges and switch studies? Think again. Changing things up can totally work out to your benefit—as long as you land in just the right place. Alex knows all about it. He switched schools and majors when he realized his career dreams morphed. And now he’s getting paid to play video games all day long. For real. Hear all about it from Alex himself in the video…

  • Yurigsa montes

    This video is a pretty interesting video it talks about how he made a movie and then started to find out that he could do animations,when he found out he became a video game maker.I think this is a pretty cool thing to do and make a living out of it.
  • Sadie Garcia

    Wow, this really inspires me.
  • Unknown

    Wow, this is awesome I hope I can get to collage I really want to make animations and comics
  • Johan Mendoza

    This is not a career I'm looking forward to..However, I do love playing video games. Tell me about some brilliant mechanics in games that are hidden from the player to get across a certain feeling.
  • Lizeth Rodriguez

    What he does is super cool but it's certainly not something I would do. I'm more of a number person.
  • Erick Ramos Lara

    This video can inspire many game designers who haven`t been heard of to make great games.
  • unknown

    its alright
  • Kevin Ramirez

    Cool, I think that would be neat to look further into game design, however I feel as if it's not the proper career path for me.
  • Soledad Roque

    It inspired me to not be afraid if later on in college i decide to change college or even major. Thank you !
  • Ansel Porter

    I don't look forward to having a career about video games but this will inspire many students that want to become wealthy off games
  • Jocelyn Rodriguez

    this keeps my dream alive of still become a game designer even if it becomes rocky later on in life
  • Hierian Rice

    I don't have an Interest in video games but this will really inspire someone who will
  • Ceasar Huerta

    woah i really want go there
  • Alicia Cruz

    I am a mother of a gamer and this is a very cool video to share. Especially to those mother's that don't want their kids playing games all the time. They can make something of themselves regardless of what other say. Inspiring video.
  • no name

    i want to go to a college like this, i really want to learn about art and animation
  • sebass

    can you animate NASCAR HEAT EVOLUTION
  • someone

    i want to be this guy

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