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How I Got Here: Angelica

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If you’re convinced you just can’t afford to go to college, you’re wrong. Like really, really wrong. You don’t need to be sitting on a mountain of cash to earn that degree—and you don’t need to get into a mountain of debt either. Take it from Angelica. She was a scholarship-applying machine, and now she’s graduating from college without a penny of debt.

Watch Angelica share her financial-aid magic tricks. And be prepared to be seriously inspired while you’re at it.

  • Alicia Escobedo

    Not everybody has the money to go to college and there's people that just give up in not going to college but then they regret it. Applying for scholarships is going to take you somewhere where later on your gonna be happy about. You have to be patient.
  • Johan Mendoza

    College is definitely not for everyone. Any debts can be attributed to not fully understanding how exactly to use a credit card or being financial illiterate. However, parents are responsible to give their children a head start on financial education. It's important to know the difference between an asset and a liability..
  • Lizeth Rodriguez

    Not everyone will go to college. It's just a preference some students have, some people rather not go to school for another 4 years.
  • Erick Ramos Lara

    This shows no matter where your from and who you are dedication is key to success.
  • Kevin Ramirez

    I think it's amazing when I see people like this, to just see them overcome their own problems and life issues inspires me to better myself and my life. I hope I can do what I need to do in order to get into collage, seeing her work to her position really gives me the inspiration I need to work hard and do the same to others.
  • Brianna Rincon

    College is really not for everyone. Most people that has successed on things have never stepped a foot in college. Also college is something that makes you change your mind most of the times specially at the last minute. So people wanting to join college at the last minute can always be difficult when ever it comes to their college tuition and etc.
  • Soledad Roque

    In my opinion i think she is an inspiring person to look up to. Who never gave up knowing that she didn't have the money for college. Right, College isn't for everyone but if you set your mind to accomplish something you'll be able to achieve it with dedication. I can definitely relate to Angelica knowing that my family is not economically stable and that giving up is not an option.
  • Jocelyn Rodriguez

    well not everyone is made for college, every successful person in life didn't succeed because of college.
  • Hierian Rice

    Sometimes I feel like college is not for everyone. Some people who are successful are college dropouts, they didn't feel the need to go to or finish college. With or without college you can be successful.
  • Brianna Day

    I think that you should always follow your dream and no matter how hard it is to reach that dream you gotta push through all the struggles and get your dream.

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